Marie-Elisabeth Hecker · Cello

'Hecker plays like an angel...the beauty of her sound is enhanced by an exquisitely elegant line and sweeping lyricism. There is absolutely no artifice to mislead the audience; her performance comprises musicality and pure talent.' El Pais

Cellist Marie-Elisabeth Hecker made her international breakthrough with her sensational success at the 8th Rostropovich Competition in Paris in 2005, where she became the first contestant in the event’s history to win the first prize as well as two special prizes. Since then Hecker has become one of the most sought-after soloists and chamber musicians of her generation, recognised for her deep expression and natural affinity for the cello, with Die Zeit describing her playing as “heartbreakingly sad and instinctively beautiful”.
28.07.2016 - Revue Diapason
Revue Brahms Cello Sonatas
...Marie-Elisabeth Hecker et Martin Helmchen osent, dans les deux sonates pour violoncelle, un dialogue intense et assèz austere - d'une austérité toujours habitée...
Diapason | 28.07.2016
07.06.2016 - Perfektes Zusammenspiel
Rezension von Remy Franck
Weniger Drama aber ist kein Fehler, denn in diesem perfekten kammermusikalischen Zusammenspiel, ist die Musik feinsinnig vertieft und absolut faszinierend...
lganzer artikel bei | 07.06.2016 | Remy Franck
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Auftakt zur Cellistin Marie-Elisabeth Hecker
Eine Klassikkolumne von Harald Eggebrecht
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(audio excerpt: Saint-Saëns · Cello Concerto in A minor)